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LIV is a handmade jewelry line mixing vintage materials with the best quality 14k Gold Filled, 10K/14k Solid Gold, and 925 Italian Sterling Silver.

My jewelry line combines classic and unique designs with the intention of letting you express your style and creativity. Whether you want a dainty chain, a colorful vintage beaded pearly look, or you want to mix and match - LIV has you covered.

LIV is proudly sold in-store at The Hudson's Bay Company.

Packaging is eco-friendly and 100% plastic free.

Each piece is handmade by Liv in Montreal, Canada.


Are you in the Montreal, Canada area? LIV offers FREE local pick-up at the following location.

Option available at checkout.


4655 Blvd. St-Jean, Suite 201

DDO, Quebec


10K + 14K gold that you never have to take off

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  • "I bought a necklace from you maybe a year ago? And I love it so much because I shower with it, go to the gym and still looks new!"

  • "Serena's been loving the earrings. Usually within 24 hours she complains that they hurt and now it's been a week and she hasn't taken them out once!!"

  • "I just wanted to let you know that my mom is IN LOVE with her bracelet. She can't stop looking at it and talking about it. She says it's one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry she owns (and she owns A LOT). Just wanted you to know that what you create is AMAZING!"

  • "I am a Liv Jewelry addict! She's so nice to work with on custom pieces as well! I love it all!"

  • "I want to buy every single item! So well made and well priced!"

  • "12/10 for quality and service! Such a sweet person with lots of passion for what she does."

  • "I got my large package today and while half were gifts the other half were for me so it was like Christmas came early!!! Photos never do your beautiful jewelry justice!!"

  • "You are so talented Liv! Everything in your collection is just amazing! It's my second time ordering from you because I just can't get enough LOL"

  • "Ok so I just bought the amethyst bracelet from you. I'm obsessed with your stuff. Seriously. I haven't been into jewelry for so long until you can along!"

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