About Liv

Welcome! My name is Olivia and I am the Founder and Designer of Liv Jewelry, a handmade jewelry line based in both Los Angeles and Montreal. My love for jewelry started at a very young age when my first memories were playing dress up and dowsing myself in my Grandfather’s vintage jewelry. He had a jewelry company from the 1960s-70s in NYC and I'm lucky he kept so much and it's been passed down to me. I would also go through my Grandmother’s Hawaiian jewelry collection full of shells and wooden beads from when they lived in Kauai. All of that jewelry sparked so much creativity in me! I then started spending my time making simple beaded friendship bracelets and necklaces in my childhood room.

Jewelry and fashion were always a part of my interests. I took courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology NYC, Parsons Paris, and interned at Condé Nast Publications all before the age of 20. I took soldering classes in the evenings after school and worked for a jewelry distributer after graduating college. I then transitioned to working in PR and event planning in the fashion and art industries for 7 years in both Montreal and California. 

I moved back home after living in Southern California for most of my 20s and felt stuck in the transition not knowing what my next path should be...and was frankly a little bored. I come from a long line of family entrepreneurs and was inspired by them and so I decided it was time to start my own thing! I wanted to do something I genuinely loved and that wouldn’t feel like ‘work’. What came to mind? Handmade jewelry.

Liv Jewelry Inc.’s aesthetic is a true reflection of who I am. My designs have a fusion of California-Mediterranean coastal style that’s flirty, dainty, and summery...but with a vintage twist. I love going to antique stores and finding unique vintage beads/charms and mixing it with gold filled, vermeil, and sterling silver materials. Many of my pieces are eco-friendly and are limited in stock due to using one-of-a-kind vintage and upcycled materials. My love for antiques and vintage jewelry is no joke! I’ve been to Antique Roadshow twice and I have American Pickers on in the background at all times while making jewelry. 

Liv Jewelry uses eco-friendly packaging and is 100% plastic free.

When I’m not in my jewelry-making studio (*cough* my living room) you can find me at a hot yoga studio, snuggling my family dog Teddy, or traveling back and forth from Montreal to Southern California.